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Bali Nail Salon Tips With Prices – Gel Nails, Mani and Pedi


So you’re looking for a Bali nail salon and finding it hard to choose between the cheapest and best? Well, then you’re in luck! I’ve gathered a list of my personal favorites. I generally do manicures, pedicures, and gel nails and this guide will cover these services specifically.

Jet Black Ginger @jet_black_ginger

The first place I did gel nails at and they held for over a month without chipping or doing any damage to my nails. Jet Black Ginger is a pretty famous Bali nail salon and they have quite a few promotions on throughout the year. The one that’s been on for pretty much forever when it comes to gel mani and pedi is their “bring a bestie for free Sundays”. Since it’s really high price on all other days, I highly recommend making a booking in advance for Sunday. If you don’t travel with a bestie, you can always ask in the FB group Girls in Bali if any girl wants to join you (that’s what I usually do).

With this offer the two of you will get:

Gel manicure: 280k
Gel pedicure: 300k
+12,5 service fee = 652.5k
326k each.


D’Netty Wijaya @dnettywijaya

Wildly popular amongst all girls in Bali (aka several FB groups) who love a good home service Bali nail salon tech. D’Netty travels from Denpasar to Canggu for only 40k and you can book her via Instagram or WhatsApp. I recommend her if you want to do simple, one color gel.

Gel nails: 70k
Manicure: 60k
Pedicure: 60k

260k without travel fee (since it changes depending on where you’re staying)


Putri Bali Nails

Another home service Bali nail salon tech that does awesome nail art, for a lot less than salons. They don’t do manicures or pedicures, but the cutting of cuticula is included in the gel prices. I can highly recommend them if you want to do some cool art on your nails!

Gel nails: 75k
Nail art: 5k /finger


Tine Studio

This Canggu Bali nail salon is also another go-to for all the girls who love some nail art. Here you’ll also have the option to pretty much add anything your heart desires on your nails. So all you fun nail girlies will definitely love this place!

Manicure: 90k
Pedicure: 90k
Gel nails: 50k
Ombre or glitter: 5k
Basic art: 5 – 20k

Hope you enjoyed this short guide to Bali nail salon’s in Canggu. The list will be updated as I discover new places while staying in Bali.

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