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Where art, food and architecture come to life. A place that inspires and leaves every traveller in awe.

Best things to do in Venice


Best time to visit

Best time to visit Italy is from April to October. While it’s a year-round destination, it is the best during warmer months.

Money saving tips

Italy is pricey for tourists, but you can keep the costs down drastically if you shop for food in a supermarket and use public transportation.

Suggested budget

The daily suggested budget for Italy is $50-60 USD, assuming you’re staying in an Airbnb, cooking most of your meals and using local transportation.

Favourite thing to do

Visiting Venice was absolutely amazing and totally doable on a day trip from neighbouring countries as well.

Ultimate Venice Guide


As a Slovenian neighbour to Italy, it took me quite a few years to see Italy as a proper tourist destination, but now in my adult years, I finally see what the fuss is all about! I’ve been to Italy so many times, I lost count and saw everything from Florence, Rome, Verona and all the way to Venice and Trieste. This travel guide to Italy contains everything you need to know about visiting Italy in general. For more detailed articles, check out the articles within this destination.

Typical costs

Accomodation - You can expect to find accommodation for any budget in Italy. A room on Airbnb in the bigger cities (Rome, Florence) will cost you around $20 USD per night. A mid-range hotel will cost you around $70 USD per night and a 4 star and up hotel will cost you $150 or more per night.

Food - There is no question Italian food is delicious. And on your visit you’ll definitely want to live La Dolce Vita and squeeze in as much pizza, pasta and gelato as possible – so here is how much the meals in Italy will cost you. You can easily eat for below EUR 10 if you buy sandwiches and pizzas for takeaway or a non-sit down restaurant place. Sitting down in a restaurant will cost you, however. In tourist hot-spots, such as Venice, they’ll automatically add a ‘service’ fee of EUR 3 per person. This will cover the table and the bread and add on top what you order. A pizza will likely cost you around EUR 15 and a pasta dish around EUR 20. If you’re staying in Italy longer, try and buy and cook your own food. Groceries are not expensive in Italy, especially if you find a Eurospin or Lidl.

Transportation - It’s easy and cheap to travel around Italy with public transportation. The majority of the buses and subways in the cities cost around $2 USD one way. If you’ll want to use a taxi or an Uber, just download the app and see the live prices there. When it comes to trains and buses between the cities, it’ll cost you upwards of $40 USD for the fast trains and $8 for the slower regional trains. Check the ItaliaRail’s website for more prices.