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Emerald waters, stunning cliffs, wide-eyes tarsiers and beaches for days, this truly is a paradise on Earth.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit the Philippines is from November to April. The dry and rainy seasons are opposite on each side so plan accordingly.

Money saving tips

My best saving tips are to rent a motorbike on each island you go to, learn to love rice and opt for ferries instead of inbound flights.

Suggested budget

The daily suggested budget for the Philippines is $40-100 USD, assuming you stay in a mid-range hotel, eating out a little and rent a motorbike.

Favourite thing to do

A true paradise on earth, for me, was Siquijor. The island is absolutely stunning and has some amazing waterfalls and white sandy beaches.

Siquijor 37


Experience the wonders of the Philippines and its captivating beauty. From exploring vibrant coral reefs to white sand beaches, lush rainforests and bustling streets of Manila, you won’t be disappointed. Lose yourself in underground rivers at Puerto Princesa or appreciate the ancient rice terraces at Batad.

Visit Cebu City for a cultural experience or head to Vigan – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – for a journey into the past. The Philippines is full of extraordinary sights that will leave you feeling fulfilled.