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The 50 BEST Canggu Restaurants, Bars and Cafes


Canggu is Bali’s ultimate foodie hub and you’ll quickly realize that the Canggu restaurants and bars are worth ALL the hype. So whether you’re a digital nomad staying in Canggu long-term, or a tourist simply passing through, this ultimate Canggu restaurants guide is your answer to the everlasting ‘where should I eat today’ question.

This guide to bars and restaurants in Canggu is organized by categories of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have also included my favorite cocktail places, beach bars, and cafes. All of these, every single one, is a real visit. This guide is not about picking the most popular spots and adding them here, all of these spots have been carefully selected. I know, what a sacrifice I’ve made to eat out this much, hehe!

Best bars and restaurants in Canggu, organized by category

I’ve been there – I googled best Canggu restaurants, and while I did get some nice suggestions, a few times I ended up arriving at the place for breakfast just to find out it opens from lunch onwards. So I decided to split the Canggu restaurants in this list by category, to make it super useful for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time researching when the best time to visit is.

In my 4 months in Canggu, I’ve visited even more places than you see on this list, but not all of them made it to this article. There are some restaurants in Canggu that offer free food for 5-star reviews. I have not taken up on any of those offers, so all the Canggu best restaurants on this list are 100% NOT sponsored. I paid for all the food and wanted to make as honest as possible list of my personal favorites.

Breakfast in Canggu

Breakfast in Canggu is anything but overrated. The cafes and restaurants in Canggu truly shine in breakfast time and lots of these on the list serve it all day! The first four Canggu restaurants on this list are an absolute must if you’re in Canggu for a shorter time.

  • Nüde (truffle omelet, avocado toast, banana bread)
  • Copenhagen (waffles, panini, smoothie bowl, taro latte)
  • Brunch Club (P*rncakes, avocado toast)
  • I Am Vegan Babe (smoothie bowls, coconut latte, soup)
  • Crate Cafe (Frenchy, waffles, brekkie in bread)
  • Woods Pererenan (black waffles)
  • Tribal (smoothie bowls)
  • Milk & Madu (scrambled eggs)
  • Sisterfields (french toast)
  • Kynd Community (vegan pancakes, smoothie bowls)
  • Rise & Shine (cheese toast)

Lunch in Canggu

Most of the above Canggu restaurants also serve lunch, but here are some extras if you want a heartier meal! 

  • La Pan Nam (mie or nasi goreng – the veg options are delish)
  • Poké Theory (build your own poke bowl)
  • Cafe Coach (vegan meatballs, taro latte)
  • Avocado Factory (chicken katsu sandwich)
  • The Shady Shack (jackfruit tacos)
  • ZIN Cafe (club sandwich)
  • Lima Bay (create your own sandwich)
  • Soogi Roll (bibimbap)
  • Oh My Thai (pad thai, mango sticky rice)
  • The Common Cafe (chicken burrito)
  • BWork Cafe (creamy pasta)

Dinner in Canggu

With a mix of super fancy and very casual, dinner Canggu restaurants will never leave you disappointed.

  • Si Jin (potato puree, 2 GR Fullblood California, 30 aged Baseball Cut 9+)
  • Tygr Sushi (chicken bao buns, fried rice cakes, sushi.. anything!)
  • Motel Mexicola (nachos)
  • Luigis (any pizza)
  • Kasto (vegan pasta)
  • Black Sand Brewery (burgers)
  • Penny Lane (loaded fries)
  • Han Sang Korean BBQ (BBQ buffet)
  • Lola’s Cantina Mexicana (burritos)
  • Fabrica (thin pizzas)
  • Village Green (1kg chicken parma board)
  • Hoi An by MeVui (banh mi)
  • Azoria (pasta)
  • BB52 Burgers Canggu (burgers)

Cafes in Canggu

Since our last trip to Bali in 2019, the Canggu cafes have really upped the coffee scene! Now you can get really good coffee in a lot of places, but here are some specialty favorites of mine.

  • BGS Coffee
  • Cafe Coach
  • T.M.O Coffee
  • Mustache Coffee
  • Coffee Cartel

Bars in Canggu

  • Shady Fox (negroni)
  • Shady Pig (Aperol sour, The Chester)
  • Behind the Green Door (Harlem shake fizz, homemade ginger beer)
  • Black Sands Brewery (small hazy)
  • Revolver (negroni)

Canggu Beach Clubs

  • Sand Bar
  • La Brisa
  • The Lawn
  • Finns
  • Vue Lv8 Beach Club

Canggu Offers by day

Canggu is loaded with amazing restaurants and bars. And if you want to get the most out of your time there, then the best way is to keep track of the special offers the Canggu restaurants have by days.



  • Secret Spot: Jazz Night
  • Luigi’s Metto Monday



  • Milk & Madu: 2 for 1 pizza
  • Deus Ex Machina: Tacos and Tattoos (reserve)
  • La Baracca: All-you-can-eat pizza



  • Tygr Sushi: Sushi deal buy 1 get 1 free



  • Da Maria: Metto Thursday 7 pm – LATE (100k pizza and 100k cocktails)



  • Woods Pererenan: Jazzy Brunch 1 pm – 3 pm
  • I Am Vegan Babe: Happy Pancake Sunday, 85k ++ all-you-can-eat pancakes 7 – 11.30 am


  • Black Sands: Jukebox Sunday, free food with a drink order from 5 pm – 7 pm


  • Samadi Bali: Farmers Market
  • La Brisa: Sunday Market 10 am – 4 pm

Hope you enjoyed this Bali Canggu restaurant and bar guide and if you have any other favorites you’d want everyone to know about, post them in the comments below!

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