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10 Best Coworking Spaces Canggu Has to Offer


If you’re a digital nomad wanting to travel while working remotely – then the coworking spaces Canggu has to offer are the way to go! Since working from home became more common and shifted the working culture from working on-site to working from anywhere culture, we might as well find a coworking space in Bali, right?

Working remotely can give you a great sense of freedom, community and inspiration. And while there are many coworking spaces in Canggu, I thought I’d do you the favor of narrowing down the list, so you can find the best coworking spaces Canggu offers and that also that fits your needs. 

1. BWork Bali

BWork Bali made it to my top list of the handful of coworking spaces in Canggu, for a good reason! It has a modern yet relaxed overall layout designed to ensure your Canggu coworking experience will be productive. BWork Bali offers various workspaces from a studio for content creation, a focused workspace with screens and office chairs, a multi-room for balancing work and health, meeting rooms, and more. 

They also have their own BWork Cafe for refreshments and energy boosters, a rooftop garden to take off-screen time, lots of community events, their own app with perks and restaurant discounts, and with the monthly unlimited membership you even get 10 free drinks from the cafe, 10 free yoga sessions, and more.

BWork Bali Coworking Canggu35

BWork Bali is one of the rare coworking spaces in Canggu that is open 24/7. It has various pricing plans to suit your working hours as needed starting at IDR 900k bi-weekly for 30 hours of coworking access to IDR 3.2 million monthly for unlimited access. 

Bi-weekly PriceUnlimited – Monthly Price
IDR 900kIDR 3.2 million

TIP: There is a long waitlist for being a member at BWork Bali, so if you want to have a monthly membership, make sure you get in touch with them and get on the waitlist as soon as you book your plane tickets.

2. Tropical Nomad Canggu 

Tropical Nomad Canggu brings a beachy and tropical Canggu coworking space vibe. Their open concept coworking space in Bali includes comfy gazebos to relax under, and some shaded and non-shaded outdoor areas to work at. It really is one of the best coworking spaces Canggu has to offer and it’s open 24/7!

On top of that, like other coworking spaces Canggu has, Tropical Nomad Canggu also has a cafe for food and refreshments, an airy garden to unwind or work in, air-conditioned rooms (a must!), and an exercise room to destress and stay fit, a podcast studio, a surf rack, and more! 

The starting price ranges from IDR 180k for a full-day pass with limited access to IDR 1 million for a full month’s access with additional perks. 

Day Pass PriceUnlimited – Monthly Price
IDR 180kIDR 2.7 million

3. Tribal Bali 

Tribal coworking space in Bali is a purpose-built co-working hostel that provides accommodation and workspace like other coworking spaces Canggu offers on this list. The Canggu coworking space has an open concept with a modern blend of industrial and tropical architectural design, equipped with plenty of seated and standing desks, booths, and whiteboards to get that workflow going. 

Tribal Bali Coworking31

Tribal Bali is open 24/7 and inclusive of your stay, so no membership fees will be charged once you book a room with the coworking space in Bali. As a bonus, this coworking space Canggu has available also has a pool to cool off after (or during) a long day’s work, a pink pool table, and a signature cocktail you just have to try at their in-house bar and eatery. 

Tribal Bali’s starting price per room is IDR 200k for a mixed dorm room, IDR 600K for a private deluxe room that sleeps 2, and more! Since they are one of the newest coworking spaces Canggu has that recently opened, you will have to book in advance as rooms are selling out fast!

However, you can choose to exclusively work there as long as order food/beverages which gets you 3 hours of work time. Any time after the 3 hours, you will get charged with a minimum spend of IDR 100k, while any time after 6 hours, you get charged with a minimum spend of IDR 200k. If you are a tribal resident, you get unlimited access!

First 3 HoursAfter 3 HoursAfter 6 Hours
Free as long as you order food/beveragesIDR 100kIDR 200k

4. Dojo Bali Coworking

When you find a coworking space Canggu has that’s just a one-minute walk away from a beach, it’s hard to say no to that! In fact, Dojo Bali is one of the few great coworking spaces Canggu has to offer that has it.

Dojo stands two stories high with airy and cozy workspaces, with a pool enchanted by lush tropical gardens to cool off in. They also provide private video call booths, fully air-conditioned rooms, hot showers, and nooks for solo or group work. And yes, the coworking space in Bali is open 24/7 so you can work any time, whatever suits you best, really. 

Dojo Canggu32

Like a handful of other coworking spaces Canggu has to offer on this list, Dojo also provides co-living option if you’d like a place to stay the night at. When you need to refresh and recharge, head over to their cafe and smoothie shack to treat yourself and re-energize. 

They also pride themselves in 6 business grade load balanced fiber optic lines for a speedy and stable internet connection to help you stay connected throughout your working hours. In addition, Dojo also hosts community events such as masterminds, BBQs, skill-sharing sessions, networking, and more! This is what most if not all coworking spaces Canggu opens must have (in my opinion). 

To gain access, membership fees start at IDR 700k for 30 hours worth of access and up to IDR 2.5 million for unlimited monthly access that gives you access to all facilities and a free locker! 

30-hour Acess PriceUnlimited – Monthly Access Price
IDR 700kIDR 2.7 million 

5. Outpost Coworking Canggu 

If you’re looking for the definition of work/life balance, then Outpost Canggu might just be the one for you! Whether you’re into casual coworking spaces as you work your craft alongside fellow digital nomads and creators, or a tranquil, private office all to yourself, Outpost has you covered on a 24/7 basis! 

To top that off, this coworking space Canggu provides lightning-speed Wi-Fi, adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs to keep your back straight, and a comfy lounge to ease your work days. 

A highlight of Outpost Coworking Canggu has to offer is the option to co-live and co-work there. You heard that right. You can stay the night, week, or even the whole month and get access to their coworking spaces!

For coworking spaces, pricing plans start at IDR 700k per month for 25 hours of Canggu coworking and IDR 2.5 million per month for the monthly plan with unlimited access.

Day Pass PriceUnlimited – Monthly Price
IDR 190kIDR 2.5 million

6. Genesis Creative Coworking 

Genesis Creative Coworking is known as one of the best coworking spaces in Canggu, that’s specifically dedicated to digital creators, nomads, entrepreneurs, and creatives. This coworking space has a blend of modern and local design that sets the tone to get those creative juices flowing and task lists check-marked. 

At Genesis Creative Coworking, you get access to 3 various casual work areas alongside other digital nomads, a dedicated desk (with a comfy chair), and a studio for recording and photographing. 

Genesis creative coworking Canggu32

Their opening hours are strictly from Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 7 PM, and will have limited monthly members accessing their facilities, so please plan accordingly. 

As a creative, one of the best features of this coworking space in Bali is a library lounge, where you can recollect your thoughts in peace and quiet, to refresh your mind when you run out of ideas. They also host seminars and workshops to help you evolve at elevate your skills in your digital crafts. 

Their pricing plans start at IDR 100K for a one-day pass to IDR 1.5 million for a monthly membership that gets you access to more perks and facilities they offer. 

Day Pass Price Monthly Price
IDR 100kIDR 1 million 

7. Kinship Studio 

If you are looking for a coworking space in Canggu, Kinship Studio is an excellent choice for a coworking space Canggu has available. The space has a great location and is easy to get to from anywhere in the town. It is also located in a quiet area so you will not have to worry about noise from other tenants.

Kinship Studio Canggu32

The space itself is very modern, industrial, and has a lot of natural light coming in through the windows. There are plenty of spaces for you to work on your own or with others. If you want to meet other people, there are also several opportunities for networking at Kinship Studio, as well as a photo and ceramics studio.

They do offer fair pricing plans that start at IDR 250k for a day pass in a month up to IDR 2.8 million per month for a permanent desk space in the communal area that comes with a lockable draw to stash some items or IDR 2.5 million for the regular monthly pass.

Day Pass Price Monthly Pass Price 
IDR 250kIDR 2.5 million

Note: I did find their website a bit odd to navigate around, as the pricing plan was located on another page that you have to click on separately from the main page. So, that’s something to keep in mind. 

8. G88 Coworking Space

G88 is a coworking space with a great community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs, working on their own projects in an abandoned-aircraft-turned workspace. 

The coworking space in Bali has a tranquil and modern vibe to its overall layout with common work areas and private meeting rooms. Like other coworking spaces Canggu has to offer, the coworking space in Bali is open daily from 7 AM to 12 AM for members to use when needed.

G88 is a very social space, I must say, and members are encouraged to get involved in the community by attending events and taking part in activities. Members can enjoy a cup of coffee or two at their roasters coffee cart and access to their in-house gym! 

Pricing starts at IDR 100k per day up to IDR 2.3 million per month for your very own private desk. I would say this is one of the most unique coworking spaces Canggu has to date, so it’s definitely worth a visit! 

Day Pass PriceMonthly Price (Private Desk) 
IDR 100kIDR 2.3 million 

Note: They don’t currently have a website yet but you can find more information on their socials (Facebook and Instagram

9. Cafe Coach 

Unlike most coworking spaces Canggu has to offer, Cafe Coach is made for coaches no matter what sector or area of specialty you are in. But you can also work or eat there without the need to be a coach. Though it is NOT a coworking space, it is a great place for casual work and is a hotspot for travel and lifestyle influencers! 

Cafe Coach is a great place to work with other digital nomads and entrepreneurs with an ambient, elegant, yet sophisticated design. Unlike other coworking spaces Canggu has to offer, the location is just right across BWork (if you want a vibe switch) and is open daily from 7 Am to 11 PM.

Cafe Coach Canggu

Like all coworking spaces Canggu has in store, they have fast wifi and good coffee (you must try their taro latte!). If you’re looking for a quiet spot to work, Cafe Coach may be your best option for a relaxed workday among other coworking spaces Canggu offers. The cafe offers free Wi-Fi, a fast internet connection, and plenty of power outlets for charging laptops and other devices.

While there are no specific pricing plans for the coworking spaces Canggu has here, there is an optional membership fee of $9.99 a month for their coaching course if you are interested. Otherwise, as long as you order food in this coworking space Canggu has to offer, then you should be able to work accordingly. 

10. Matra Bali 

Need a space to work, sleep, eat, and relax? This coworking space in Bali is your one-stop place that accommodates all of the above. With picturesque sceneries of the infamous Canggu from their rooftop cafe and coworking space available 24/7, what more can you ask for? 

Matra Bali is another great coworking space Canggu has that includes a co-living space or a guest house where you can stay over to get recharged in the morning. All rooms come with a designated desk, and they are also close to not one but two beaches (Vue Beach Club AND Echo Beach)! 

It is a budget-friendly coworking space as pricing plans start at IDR 50K for 3 hours of coworking up to IDR 2 million for a monthly pass that includes food & beverage discounts and more to tend to your needs! 

3-hour Access Price Monthly Price
IDR 50kIDR 2 million 

Try out these Coworking Spaces Canggu has for you 

For freelancers and remote workers especially, the above coworking spaces in Canggu provide greater productivity and a sense of community.

They typically have great WiFi, other freelancers or fellow digital nomads to work with and bounce ideas off of, comfortable spaces to work in, and many amenities specific to a location like Canggu that can’t be found at home. 

As the world moves more and more toward the gig economy, freelancing will become more common, and workspaces like these has will be the place they call home. 

With that being said, why not find the best coworking space Canggu offers that ticks all the boxes on what your ideal coworking space in Bali looks like? I hope the list of the top 10 coworking spaces Canggu has to offer gives a clearer picture of what each of the coworking spaces offers in terms of comfort, setting, and facilities.

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