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Wedding in Bali – Cost and Planning of Our Bali Wedding


So you’re planning a wedding in Bali and want to know exactly what it takes and costs to have your own Bali wedding. You’ve come to the right place! In this article, I describe our small Bali wedding in detail, including all the prices and recommended vendors. We got married in July 2022 in Ubud and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments below!

Wedding in Bali – Everything you need to know about getting married in Bali

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! It’s so exciting planning a wedding in Bali and I hope my guide to our small Bali wedding will help you with everything you need to know about getting married in Bali!

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And now a little backstory. 

We are Sia and Mikael, a couple from Sweden who fell in love with Bali in 2019. We got engaged in 2020 and then booked a venue for our wedding in Sweden in 2022. We paid the deposits for the venue, the photographer, and the videographer, and then suddenly a few months later our photographer cancels on us. It took us FOREVER to find a photographer we liked and we were not at all happy about how they handled canceling our wedding. But at least we got our deposit back.

This (and some other personal life events) happened in the beginning of 2022. Our lives and future were a bit unclear by then, so we started talking. The world was slowly opening up and we started playing around with the idea of getting married in Bali. We looked at Bali wedding packages, wedding organizer Bali has to offer and one Bali wedding venue after another.


At the end of March 2022, we made it official. Our wedding in Sweden was canceled and we are officially getting married in Bali! A wedding in Bali would be cheaper and smaller, but most of all, it would represent us and what we love. We proceeded to cancel the venue in Sweden (lost the deposit money) and the videographer (lost the deposit money) and went all in planning our wedding in Bali instead.

Bali wedding organizer

Who you pick as an organizer will mean everything. And I mean everything. We picked a company whose representative was terrible. And I mean terrible. Total lack of professionalism, no eye for detail, and no common understanding, and she is absolutely not cut out for this business. I will not name any names here but feel free to message me on Instagram and I will tell you more.

Since I am not sure if she is the business owner or just an employee, I am not sure what to say about hiring them or not. Her colleagues were lovely, but if it means getting through her, then I would definitely suggest you not hire this organizer.

Your wedding organizer is much needed for a Bali wedding since you are likely going to need someone who will communicate with local vendors (who, trust me, do not speak good English) and make sure everything is running smoothly on the day and before.

I had to do a lot with this organizer so I felt very burdened by them. But one thing you must make sure happens is that anything you discuss over the phone is also put down in writing. Communication is different in Bali and even though they say ‘yes’, they might mean ‘no’, so writing it down will reassure you have all the costs and information black on white.

We trusted this girl a little too much and she knew that. So some extra charges did occur, but at the end we just had to swallow that bitter pill.

Wedding organizers will usually have a team on the day. One staff member I very much had no idea I would need as much is a bride assistant. Mine was absolute gold. The sweetest, most attentive person I could ever wish for to be by my side on my big day. She helped me sew a loose end on the dress, steamed it, carried my stuff, helped me change, helped carry my dress and so much more. No matter who your organizer is, I definitely recommend you to ask them if there is a bride assistant in the team.


Bali wedding venue

Whenever we told anyone that we were getting married in Bali, their first reaction was always ‘oh a beach wedding’. And how happy we were to, every single time, say ‘nope, it’s an Ubud jungle waterfall wedding’. Then they were intrigued!

We wanted a Bali wedding venue that has that traditional Bali feel but is still adapted to Western visitors. We wanted a venue with a dinner spot that we wouldn’t have to share with other guests (you have no idea how many places will give you a long table in a restaurant with other guests!!) and a place that had that little extra. In this case, a waterfall.

When seeing The Royal Pita Maha we knew that was it. We looked at cheaper options but kept coming back to this place. We loved the waterfall location for the ceremony and the temple location for the dinner. An outdoor wedding!


And then it POURED on our wedding day. All morning and well into after lunch. I was so sad. I really thought we will have to move the wedding to another location indoors or a totally different day.

We arrived at the hotel and started doing our hair and make-up and the weather got better! It stopped raining and we were saved! What’s even better, the terrible humidity and heat were gone and my 4kg dress was totally okay to wear. The rain started again in time for the dessert, but they had prepared an indoor location in the same place and we continued the rest of the evening there. It was perfect for the kids as well!

I can highly recommend The Royal Pita Maha as your Bali wedding venue.

Bali photographer and videographer

Being a photographer myself, finding someone whose editing style is just my liking was tough. Until we came across the local Bali wedding photographer The Marvelous Pictures. We completely fell in love with the photos and choosing them for our wedding in Bali was clear as day.

Since (believe it or not) we are quite awkward in front of the camera, we wanted to also have a pre-wedding session to get to know the main photographer better. Once we got the photos from that photoshoot we knew for sure we made the right choice.

If you are looking for an affordable local team to photograph your Bali wedding, then you have to get in touch with them!

Wedding dress

A lot of people would put more importance on the dress than the photographer, but I am not most people. I honestly didn’t care where I get my dress, as long as it was off-shoulder.

Since it was quite long and I also needed a dress for the pre-wedding photo shoot, I decided to get another dress on ASOS as well. Due to the wonderful Bali import tax, it came to about $200. I used that dress for the pre-wedding photos and the wedding party. We had a pool villa the next day and I was gifted a beautiful white swimsuit by Oceanglaze which was a perfect detail for the day after the wedding.

Bali wedding cost

So you’re wondering what a Bali wedding will cost you? Of course, the price will depend on where you get married and how elaborate the day will be, but I will be transparent about our own costs of having our small wedding in Bali with 14 guests (bride and groom included).


Wedding package:

Royal Pita Maha Wedding Package for 14 Pax $ 2.750


  • Waterfall venue rental for ceremony
  • Preparation room ready from 1 pm
  • Wedding celebrant or Christian Pastor to bless your wedding
  • Standard flowers and decoration inclusive of:
  • Flower decoration for the aisle (4 pcs)
  • 2 standing flowers in vases and 2 Balinese umbrellas – Flower bouquet and boutonniere
  • Flower confetti for up to 14 guests
  • 14 Tiffany wooden chairs with white cushions
  • Decorative wedding cushion or box
  • Decorative signage
  • Flower petals in the bucket for 2 flower girls
  • Wedding certificate and legal arrangement to Indonesian civil and population system (USD 350)
  • Your personal wedding ceremony coordinator
  • Complimentary rehearsal with wedding celebrant if necessary
  • 1-night stay at Royal Pita Maha’s Deluxe room inclusive breakfast $ 104

Food and drinks:

  • 3-course set menu for 14 pax $ 765 
  • Bar tab with a value of $ 300
  • Wedding cake 2-tier incl. delivery $ 250
  • Corkage fee for a cake $ 34
  • We had an open bar and spent roughly $ 300

Wedding reception decoration:

Elegant bohemian decoration package for 14 pax $ 1.200 Inclusions:

  • Up to 3 long tables decorated with fresh flowers, candles, and runner
  • Custom printed menu & place cards and napkins to match
  • Standard water goblet, glasses, plates, and silverware from the hotel (we decided to get our own silverware and charger plates since the organizers did not stick to the wished theme + $ 90)
  • 3 long wooden tables
  • Roof shape fairy lights
  • 14 pcs wooden Tiffany chairs with white cushions
  • Setup, delivery, and pack-up services
  • Transport fee to our villa for the flowers $ 7


  • 2.000 watt sound system for ceremony & dinner reception with 2 wireless $ microphones $ 200
  • Solo violinist for the ceremony $ 150
  • Balinese dancers (8-10 minutes) $ 200
  • Sparklers (complimentary)
  • Pyro 2 spots $ 50

Wedding Planning Service

Full wedding planning services for a wedding with up to 30 guests $ 1400


  • An event manager to assist you with your wedding needs with unlimited prompt assistance via e-mail, messenger, video and phone calls until your wedding day, and manage, organize, and coordinate your wedding day
  • Face-to-face meetings and consultations at your convenience
  • Assistance in finding, liaising, booking, coordinating, and making payments to vendors according to your wedding needs and preferences
  • Assistance in creating rundown, layout, and seating charts for your wedding
  • Arranging meetings with venues and vendors
  • Rehearsal with wedding celebrant and bridal parties prior to the wedding date
  • Assistance in group booking and transportation for guests’ accommodation
  • Full coordination on your wedding day by our event manager and our team of 6 to help coordinate your wedding day to run smoothly
  • Complimentary mini van 14-seater for up to 10 hours including gas and driver

Make-up and hair

  • Trial hair and make-up IDR 1,800,000 
  • Bride hair and make-up IDR 3,000,000
  • Bridesmaid hair and make-up IDR 850,000
  • 2 mothers’ hair and make-up IDR 2,400,000
  • 1 guest hair IDR 250,000
  • Groom hairstyle IDR 200,000
  • Transport IDR 400,000

Total IDR 8,900,000 or approximately $ 600

Photography and video

  • 8 hours video and photo package with 2 photographers and 2 videographers $ 1100

Total small Bali wedding cost: $ 9850

* The total price does not include rings, wedding dress, groom’s suit, and all accessories. 

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