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BTS Bus Stop: Guide to Visiting the Jumunjin Beach Bus Stop


The BTS Bus Stop on Jumunjin Beach in South Korea has become an unexpected tourist attraction, gaining popularity from fans of the K-Pop group BTS. The bus stop was featured in the photo for the group’s album “You Never Walk Alone.” It showcases a picturesque scene, with the backdrop of the East Sea, that has attracted fans to visit and recreate the album cover photo, marking it as a pilgrimage spot for BTS ARMY, the name adopted by the fanbase of the group.

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This surge in popularity led to local authorities renovating the previously ordinary (and functioning) bus stop, turning it into a landmark. It now displays standees of BTS members and provides photo opportunities that replicate the album’s ambiance and the bus stop itself is not used for buses anymore. Jumunjin Beach itself is a destination known for its beautiful coastline and clear waters, which makes the bus stop’s location ideal for those looking to enjoy the scenic views after paying homage to their musical icons.

BTS Bus Stop History

The BTS Bus Stop in Jumunjin, South Korea became a celebrated landmark due to its association with the global K-pop sensation BTS. It symbolizes the intersection of pop culture and urban infrastructure.

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The phenomenon reflects BTS’s vast influence on various sectors beyond music, including travel and local economies. Their global impact continues to transform ordinary locations into meaningful destinations, with the Jumunjin Beach bus stop serving as a prime example of how pop culture can intersect with tourism and local community benefits. Visitors not only come for the band’s connection but also to experience the beauty of the Gangneung area, further promoting cultural exchange and appreciation.

What to expect when you visit the BTS Bus Stop

The bus stop’s popularity rose after being featured in BTS’s photo shoot for their album “You Never Walk Alone.” Fans from around the world travel to this site to take pictures in the same spot as their idols. This particular spot not only increased in popularity but also significantly impacted local tourism, solidifying its place in pop culture lore.

On a sunny day, a weekend or a holiday expect people to stand in line waiting for their turn to take a picture in the bus stop. In general, people are very respectful about letting someone get their selfies and wait, so you do not need to worry about the crowds in any other aspect, except waiting longer for your turn.

BTS bus stop

Once you are done with your photos at the bus stop, you also have other photo zones on the beach and and the small forest area. On the opposite side of the bus stop you will see purple benches with one dedicated to each of the BTS members. Then you can walk along the beach and you’ll find even more photo-ops scattered.

How to get there

Jumunjin Bus Stop location

Location address:

Korean Naver: BTS 버스정류장, 강원 강릉시 주문진읍 향호리 8-55
Google: BTS bus stop, 8-55 Hyangho-ri, Jumunjin-eup, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

Visiting by car: By far the most convenient way to travel to the BTS Bus Stop. The parking is located by the beach and was, at my time of visit, free of charge. After parking, you’ll walk about 3 minutes by the beach to the bus stop.

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If you are arriving by car, then I can highly recommend a short stop in Sokcho as well. It takes less than half an hour to drive there and is the perfect way to end your trip to the East coast.

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Visiting by bus from Seoul:

For a day trip, take the bus in the morning from Seoul from Express Bus Terminal to Gangneung. A return ticket will cost you around 49,000 KRW or 37 USD. The bus ride will take about 3 hours each way. Buses get booked up pretty fast on the weekends and holidays, so make sure you book in advance! If you aren’t able to pay via the online booking, then head to the Express Bus Terminal to buy the ticket.

After you arrive to Gangneung, there are a few direct bus lines that take you from the bus terminal to the BTS bus stop. My best tip is to enter the address in Naver when you arrive and see what the best bus to take is. It is likely that you will be taking the line 302 or 314 though.

Amenities at Jumunjin Beach

While there’s not a lot more to do at Jumunjin beach bus stop than visiting the bus stop, I do recommend you to stay a little while at the beach. The sand is soft and the views there are beautiful! You will also find the following amenities at the beach to help you plan better:

  • Public restrooms are available for visitors’ convenience.
  • Benches and shaded areas provide comfortable seating options.
  • Local vendors offer various snacks and drinks but there’s not a lot so bring snacks with instead.
  • A designated area for fans to take photos, replicating the BTS album cover shot.
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I hope my short travel guide on planning your trip to the BTS Bus Stop in Jumunjin beach helped you out and if you have any questions, just ask em in the comments below!

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