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20 Beautiful Places to See Pink Muhly in Korea, With a Map


Explore the beauty of pink muhly grass in Korea with a free interactive map of the top 20 locations to see this stunning plant. From public gardens to national parks, these spots offer the perfect opportunity to experience the delicate pinkish-purple flowers of pink muhly grass in all their glory. Plan your trip and find the best places to see pink muhly in Korea with this comprehensive guide.

Best time to see pink muhly in Korea

In South Korea, pink muhly grass typically blooms in the fall, from September to October. This is the best time to see it in all its pinkish-purple glory. The exact timing of the bloom season may vary slightly depending on the specific location within South Korea and the weather conditions in a given year.

We managed to see it even in the beginning of November, but it wasn’t bright pink anymore. So I definitely recommend seeing pink muhly in Korea up until the end of October.

Pink muhly grass korea 1

Where does pink muhly grass originate from?

Pink muhly grass is a beautiful ornamental grass native to the southeastern parts of the United States. It’s particularly loved for its bright pink-purple color, making it an ideal choice for gardens and landscapes looking to add a pop of color or warmth. The airy texture of this grass also adds depth and beauty, creating an interesting contrast against darker green plants.

However, this unique quality of pink muhly grass isn’t limited to just its looks; the plant has many other uses depending on location. In dry areas, pink muhly grass provides an appealing addition to xeriscapes (water-wise gardens) due to its drought resistance. While in wetter areas, pink muhly helps ward off soil erosion thanks to its strong root system that helps maintain stability on slopes and hillsides.

Pink muhly grass korea

Pink Muhly in Korea: Jeju Island

Hueree Nature Life Park 휴애리 자연생활공원

Possibly one of my favorite places to see pink muhly in Korea, the Hueree Nature Life Park was worth every penny in its rather steep entry fee. We saw at least 4 pink muhly fields and all of them had plenty of empty pockets to take pictures in. At several points of our visit we were the only ones in the entire garden! Which you’ll notice is not that common in Korea as there are usually big crowds in all the pretty pink muhly locations.

Saebyeol Oreum 새별오름

Saebyeol Oreum is an intriguing volcanic cone located on Jeju Island, South Korea. It’s a great spot for visitors looking to explore a unique geological structure and soak in the breathtaking views of Saebyeol Valley. Standing at 502 meters tall, this mountain offers trails that lead up to the peak with varying levels of difficulty – perfect for all kinds of hikers.

Once you are done exploring the silver grass on the mountain and taking in the views from the top, stop by Saebil Cafe next to the mountain for the beautiful pink muhly grass.

Saebil Cafe 새빌

A cafe with a great view and access to a large pink muhly field. Grab a coffee and enjoy strolling through the fields.

Udo Garden 우도정원

Udo Island is a hidden gem located off the eastern coast of Jeju Island in South Korea. With its emerald hills dotted with small farms and crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities, it makes for a truly special experience. Explore Udo’s rich culture and history by visiting ancient sites like the Udo Shrine and Chilbal Palace, or diving into ancient legends handed down through generations – no matter what you choose to do on this beautiful island, you won’t be disappointed!

The scenery around Udo Island will take your breath away; hike along the 4.5 kilometer stretch of green hills, relax at one of the many beaches along the coastline, or observe migrating birds from various observation points. Witness a unique ecosystem full of new species as well as local flora and fauna – you won’t find anywhere else quite like it! For more things to do on udo island, check out this article.

Manor Blanc 마노르블랑

A cafe in Jeju that has beautiful pink muhly fields. You’ll have to buy a beverage before entering the fields. Besides pink muhly they also have silver grass and plenty of other beautiful autumn flower spots for you to take pictures in.

Pink Muhly in Korea: Seoul

Haneul Park 하늘공원

Haneul Park is a popular destination nestled between the mountains of Seoul in South Korea. Translating to “Sky” Park, its unique topography offers spectacular views from all angles, making it an ideal spot for sightseeing and taking in the panoramic landscapes.

The lush grasslands and rolling hills of Haneul Park provide the perfect backdrop for a peaceful stroll or mountain bike ride. Bask in the vibrant green pastures or explore vast fields of wildflowers – no matter which way you look, there’s something new to discover! Here you’ll find various recreational spaces like a soccer field, basketball court and even a hilltop stage where visitors can enjoy outdoor performances during festivals. Make sure to bring your camera along too – with breathtaking lookout points offering views of downtown Seoul and beyond, they won’t want to miss out on these incredible sights!

Haneul park Seoul 2

The park is accessible by bus, subway, or cable car and it’s free of charge to enter.

Haneul park Seoul 1

Olympic Park 올림픽공원

Olympic Park in Seoul is the perfect destination for sports enthusiasts, nature-lovers and those seeking a fun day out. Located just outside the city center, it provides the ideal escape from hectic everyday life. Take a walk around this sprawling park’s lush green gardens and vibrant plants, passing by its numerous facilities like cycling tracks, arenas and stadiums. Pink muhly Olympic park is smaller, but it’s still very pretty!

Pink Muhly in Korea 11

Discover Olympic Park’s many attractions like Lotte World Tower, K-Pop Square and Culture Station Seoul 284 – these spaces make for an exciting day of exploration with something to suit all interests. Visit during the summer months to take part in various festive activities or wander through its vast grounds lined with statues, sculptures and other artwork for a closer look at South Korea’s artistic culture.

Garden of Morning Calm 아침고요수목원

Autumn at The Garden of Morning Calm in South Korea is a beautiful time to visit the garden. The fall season brings vibrant colors to the garden as the leaves change and the flowers in the gardens bloom. Visitors can take in the beauty of the autumn foliage as they walk along the promenade surrounded by a pine grove, or admire the colorful blooms in the flower garden.

The garden also holds special events and exhibitions during the autumn, showcasing the beauty of the season. The garden is open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, with the last admission one hour before closing. Admission fees vary, more information can be found on the garden’s website. The expected duration of a visit to the garden is 1.5-2 hours.

We visited Nami Island and Garden of Morning Calm in one day from Seoul on this tour. It made the visit much more convenient as we didn’t have to worry about driving ourselves.

Dream Park in Incheon 드림파크 야생화공원

One of the most beautiful parks I went to during my time in Korea. Easy to get to and during the daytime there aren’t many visitors. Another plus point is that it has a lot of flower fields during the fall season and you can take plenty of beautiful photos here.

There is no entry fee here.

Pink Muhly in Korea: Gyeonggi-do 

Pins Coffee 핀스커피

About an hour from Seoul you’ll find this beautiful cafe that even features a large pink muhly field. It’s quite popular on the weekends, so I highly recommend visiting during the weekdays.

Anseong Farmland 종합행사장

Anseong Farmland is an agricultural theme park located in the city of Anseong. It’s a large-scale farming experience park where visitors can learn about farming and rural life while enjoying a wide range of activities and entertainment, as well as see the beautiful flower fields.

Nari Park 나리공원

In the autumn season, from September to October, there is a flower festival running here. Head over to Nari park on a sunny day and enjoy the beautiful and large flower fields. Here you’ll be able to see pink muhly, pampas grass, various sorts of globe amaranth, cochia and more. The entrance fee for adults is 2,000 KRW.

Baramsae Village 바람새마을

Baramsae Village Picnic Garden, a waterside park located in Pyeongtaek, was opened in 2013 as a place for visitors to enjoy nature and spend time with their loved ones. In 2018, the park was divided into four different themed sections, one of which is open in the evening. The park features wooden walking paths and trails, decorated with sotdae (wooden bird poles) and pinwheels. The park is open all year round and has parking facilities available. Admission to the park is free, but separate fees apply to camping and use of picnic tables.

Pink Muhly in Korea: Gyeongsang-do

Bomun Lake 보문관광단지

Bomun Lake in Gyeongju is a serene oasis amidst the bustling city of South Korea. It’s the perfect spot to get away from it all and take in some peaceful natural views. Here you’ll find a picturesque lake surrounded by lush greenery and towering trees, accompanied by mountains and hills at its back.

Take a stroll around its 2 km perimeter or rent a rowboat to paddle across the tranquil waters – no matter what you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience! Grab your camera for some stunning shots of sunsets over the lake or admire traditional Korean pagodas which line its edge – Bomun Lake truly has something for everyone.

Gasan Supia 가산수피아

A beautiful park themed with different flowers and seasonal activities. In autumn pink muhly in Korea is visible in many places, but Gasan Supia has a few spots for beautiful images. Spend the day here and make sure you relax in the beautiful pink fields.

Hapcheon Sinsoyang Sports Park 신소양체육공원

Hapcheon Sinsoyang Sports Park in autumn is an absolute sight to behold. The crisp air and foliage of the trees are awash with vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, making for a truly mesmerizing view. Take a leisurely stroll along the winding paths that snake through the park for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

With its abundance of activities – from hiking, to cycling, to rock-climbing – Hapcheon Shin Soyang Sports Park has something for everyone. Autumn is the perfect time to get outside and take in all that this breathtaking place has to offer!

Pink Muhly in Korea: Busan

Daejeo Ecological Park 대저생태공원

Daejeo Ecological Park in Busan is a truly unique place to spend an afternoon. Nestled among lush forests and undulating landscapes, this park has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to explore its diverse array of wildlife, take in the stunning views of the ocean, or just relax and enjoy some tranquility in nature – Daejeo Ecological Park won’t disappoint.

Pink Muhly

Eulsuk Island 을숙도

Eulsuk Island is a paradise for those who appreciate the beauty of nature. Located off the coast of South Korea, this peaceful island boasts stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear waters which offer visitors the perfect spot to relax and take a break from life’s everyday stresses.

There are also plenty of opportunities to explore, whether it’s through hiking trails that wind through lush forests or kayaking along its tranquil coastline. Eulsuk Island offers something for everyone – making it a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike!

Pink Muhly in Korea: Jeollanam-do

Gochang Farm 농업회사법인(주)고창청농원

Another beautiful place to see pink muhly in Korea is Gochang Farm. It gets a little busy here on the weekends and holidays, so try to come on a weekday and enjoy the sea of pink.Of course, no trip would be complete without sampling the local specialty – delicious pink muhly ice cream.  The entry fee is only 3,000 KRW and the muhly field is quite large!

Forest Arboretum 포레스트수목원

Visiting the small yet charming arboretum is a beautiful experience. With plenty of photo zones in each corner, it’s perfect for Instagrammers and professional photographers alike. There are also wonderful sculptures that take up the entire space – these are definitely worth checking out. If you’re looking for a break from all the exploring, there’s a cozy cafe within the grounds that offers a tranquil atmosphere and stunning views.

Pink muhly grass korea 2

Korea is a beautiful country full of amazing wonders to behold. Pink muhly in Korea is one of its most stunning natural marvels, and lucky for us, there are so many incredible places to spot this majestic flower. From the sunny coastal islands of Jeju to the rugged mountains in Gangwon-do, we hope you found the perfect place to view this stunning symbol of nature’s beauty. No matter where you choose to go, be sure to take your camera and snap away – your photos will surely make for cherished memories!

Pink muhly grass in Korea: Free map

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