Kuang Si Falls is a beautiful multi-layered waterfall, cascading down onto perfectly shaped rocks in a shimmering turquoise color. Kuang Si Falls are a perfect getaway from Luang Prabang and a great spot to cool off on a sunny day.

How much does it cost

The entrance fee to Kuang Si Falls is 20.000kip ($2.30 USD) and after paying your fee you will start your walk towards the falls, an easy 10 minute stroll before you reach the first part. If you’re feeling hot you can take a dip here – they closed off the falls towards the top so bear that in mind if you wanted to jump in as soon as possible. Bonus for swimming here? If you’re into fish spa’s, you’ll definitely get a treatment here – best in Laos 😉

Kuang Si Falls

Water is the most perfect traveler because when it travels it becomes the path itself!

How to get to Kuang Si Falls

Kuang Si Falls are easily accessible from Luang Prabang with a shared or private tuk tuk. The ride there is about 45 minutes long and it’s not the most comfortable one to do on a motorbike. I’d recommend the option we went for – private tuk tuk. The price to get to and from Luang Prabang to Kuang Si Falls was 150.000kip ($17 USD) for two people. We negotiated the price with a few drivers and there was no one willing to go lower than that. This option suited us perfectly because we didn’t want to wait around on other people and because we wanted to leave at 7am and make it to the falls at their opening time, 8.00am.

WARNING: do not rent a motorbike in Luang Prabang. They will demand you leave your passport and scams happen (too) often to tourists. How? They steal/damage their own motorbike and if you don’t pay the price you won’t get your passport back. Hence the tuktuk prices being higher here – besides cycling and walking, it’s the safest thing to do.

Kuang Si Falls
Kuang Si Falls

What to do at Kuang Si Falls

Besides swimming, which is a very popular activity among locals and tourists, you can take this opportunity to hike to the top of the falls, pack a picnic bag and relax by one of the pools, try and find the other animals hiding in the forest (like the huge spider we saw!) or just walk around and snap as many photos as you can. Tripod is a good idea here, to get those epic waterfall shots. I forgot mine that day so I tried balancing my camera on the fence.

Kuang Si Falls

Bear rescue center

You’ll notice a few minutes into your walk that there is also a bear rescue center located just before the Kuang Si Falls. At first we were a little doubtful of their ethics (how are they saved if they are in chains?), but we decided to approach the women selling the t-shirts and learned quite the opposite. Animal poaching and general abuse is unfortunately quite common in Laos, and these bears were saved from human predators. We decided to donate some money for the rescued bears. I mean, look at this sleeping cutie!

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