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Fushifaru Maldives – A Gorgeous Private Island Resort


It doesn’t take long to realize that the Fushifaru Maldives is a true paradise on Earth. Right from your arrival at Malé airport to your final destination (whatever it may be), you’ll be surrounded by turquoise water and unprecedented views. When we planned our vacation it was a no-brainer to choose Fushifaru. This 5* resort opened its doors to the public in October 2017. In other words, this was a big factor in our decision making. We fell in love with the sunset villas, the private sandbank, the island and the gorgeous infinity pool. But when we got there and met the staff – we both agreed that it will be hard to beat this place in the future.

How to get to Fushifaru Maldives

From the main Maldives airport Malé to Fushifaru it took us about 25 minutes on a beautiful Trans Maldivian Airways seaplane ride. Seaplane is, however, not included in the price of the stay. Even though these rides generally come at a hefty price, they are an adventure all on its own.

After the seaplane lands, you get greeted by the welcome committee at Fushifaru. In addition to the music, you’ll receive a fresh towel as well. Much needed after so much travelling! Afterwards, you will be escorted to the reception with the beats of Bodu Beru drums, a traditional Maldivian drum made out of coconut wood.

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The villas we stayed in

The Maldives boast with several stunning island resorts and a wide variety of luxury villas. A great way to experience any resort to the fullest is to book a couple of different villas on the island during your visit. There is no doubt you will love wherever you stay, but sometimes there are some advantages to staying on the island (like having a beach on your doorstep), rather than spending the entire time in the over-water villas. We stayed in two villas at Fushifaru Maldives, the ‘Sunset Pool Beach Villa’ for 5 nights, and the ‘Water Villa’ for 1 night. In this post on Fushifaru Maldives villas, I am reviewing both.

Fushifaru Maldives sunset pool beach villa

Our main choice for our stay at Fushifaru was the ‘Pool Beach Villa Sunset’ and we stayed here for 5 nights. We picked this villa because of its direct beach access, the private pool and the amazing outdoor bathroom. The big plus is also that the villa is on the sunset side of the island, which is great if you want to sunbathe all day long and see an amazing Maldivian sunset straight from your villa.

The interior of the pool beach villa was modern Maldivian, very tasteful, comfortable and with an outdoor bathroom and private pool to die for! The resort opened in 2017, so everything was very also very fresh and this played a big role in our decisions for which resort to book.

What I also loved about Fushifaru is that you get 5* luxury for less. Okay, we are still talking Maldives prices here, but it’s way more affordable than some other, older resorts. We opted for a half-board package and paid around $3000 for 6 nights, including the seaplane ride.

Fushifaru Maldives Water Villa

The overwater villa at Fushifaru could literally house a family; it’s that huge! Fushifaru has only 5 over-water villas and each of them come with a beautiful interior, a jacuzzi on the porch and endless ocean views.

The great thing about the water villas at Fushifaru is also that you don’t need to walk or cycle 10 minutes to get to the island. The beach is only a minute’s walk away and the main restaurant (where the breakfast is served) is only 3 minutes walk away. I think one night at the water villa was enough for us and the highlight was hearing the waves soothing us to sleep at night.

The Island of Fushifaru

As relatively active travellers it was a little bit of a concern of ours that we will stay on a tiny island for a week. We love doing hikes and excursions and have not had a single vacation together where we would only lie around and do nothing for so many days.

However, for this one, we were so wrong! Every day the staff prepares something in the daytime and the evening which makes the time fly by so quick. We still feel like there is more to discover on this small and beautiful island and we really hope to return one day.

To give you a rough idea of the size of Fushifaru through the image below: you can walk around the entire island in about 10 minutes.


I mentioned earlier that in an entire week at Fushifaru we did not manage to get bored. So what were some of the activities we did here? I will start off with: breakfast! Every morning it took us over an hour to enjoy our breakfast. The muesli was to die for – we even asked for the recipe! In addition to the food buffet, there was also a bubbly ‘buffet’ (on vacation rules don’t apply). There were freshly made pancakes, eggs and fresh fruit – among other delicious goodies. We had a half-board package, so we had both the breakfast and the dinner in the same restaurant – Korakali.

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If I get on a more serious note though – free or included activities we did at Fushifaru Maldives were numerous. Firstly, we exercised at the gym, snorkelled, played billiard and football table at the Fanihandhi bar. Secondly, we did a tour of the island with Afeef, coconut day and tried playing on boduberu drums. And thirdly, one evening we saw a Maldivian performance night and much more. An experience I paid for was the picnic on a private sandbank – read more about it HERE. In conclusion, there is plenty to do at Fushifaru!

However, if this isn’t enough, and you’re a little like me, you’ll most probably also spend hours taking pictures. Fushifaru has a few of its own Instagram-friendly corners. And there are many of them – just check out my Instagram for those!

I hope the description of Fushifaru as your choice of stay in the Maldives helped you narrow down your choice. Above all, we would love to come back soon!

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