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The Best Travel Lightroom Presets for Bloggers and Creators


Editing photos might be a daunting task, but with travel Lightroom presets that transform your photos in a matter of seconds, you’ll have that new blog post or Instagram photo ready in no time! After studying photography and spending many years editing for this travel blog and my travel Instagram account, I decided to make my presets available to purchase to anyone who wants to up their photo editing ways.

Travel Lightroom Presets by I, Wanderlista

Lightroom presets are like special photo filters that you can use with the Adobe Lightroom editing software. Using my travel Lightroom presets on your photos, will give your blog or social media account a unique look and feel and help you stand out in this over-saturated market.

Lightroom presets have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and I can’t imagine my life without them. My travel Lightroom presets can be used on any type of photos, but I find them especially useful for travel content.

The Wander Collection

In my very first collection, the Wander Collection, I offer mobile, desktop and a combination of the two. I generally always edit on desktop but find mobile presets to be very useful for posting stories on Instagram, which gives your entire brand the same look and vibe. In Wander Collection you’ll be able to edit your photos with 6 different presets, each serving a different purpose.

The below Before/After photos are of these 6 presets called: Delicate, Go To, Portrait, Sunset, Tropical and Voyage. You can find out more about the collection in my preset shop.

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Travel Lightroom Presets – FAQ

What are Lightroom Presets?
Lightroom presets are a packaged list of settings that help make your photo look a certain way or style in Adobe Lightroom. They are convenient when you want to edit multiple images at once and a great starting point to editing colours in a certain way. I use my presets to edit the photos I post on my blog, as well as my Instagram account.

What are Mobile Lightroom Presets?
Mobile Lightroom presets are the same presets you use on your desktop but in another mobile-friendly format. The mobile presets are perfect when you want to edit your photos on the go.on the go. The nice thing about mobile presets is that you can use them on the Lightroom App for free.

I am new to Lightroom, can I still use your presets?
Yes, my presets are made for any Lightroom users, beginners or those with advanced editing skills. Presets are a great way to start learning how to edit and will help you a lot if you never worked with photo editing before.

How do you use Lightroom Presets?
Once you purchased or downloaded your presets, you’ll be able to apply them onto any chosen photo in Adobe Lightroom. A presets contains a lot of ‘bundled’ settings and they are a great starting point to editing any image. Why a starting point? Well, different camera settings, location and weather in each photograph are so unique, it is impossible to achieve an exact same effect on all images. The format of the image (JPEG, RAW etc) will affect the settings the most though, so always shoot RAW if your camera allows it.

Once you purchase my presets, you’ll receive an installation guide to help you get everything set up on desktop and on mobile.

Can I use the presets even if I don’t shoot RAW?
I recommend shooting RAW because you’ll be able to edit a lot more data within the photo. However, if you don’t have this option available, my presets will work fine on JPEG’s, they will just have a slightly different effect than if you were to use them on a RAW image.

What do you take pictures with?
My main camera is the Canon 5D Mark IV and my go-to lens the 24-50mm f2.8 II. You can check out all my equipment photography equipment here.

Do you accept refunds?
My presets are a digital product and therefore cannot be refunded. If you are having problems achieving the desired result, then send me an email to [email protected] and I’ll do my best to help you with your edit.

I can’t find my question.
Please send an email to [email protected].

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