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My Travel Photography Equipment


When it comes to choosing what travel photography equipment to buy, keep in mind that price isn’t everything. I receive many questions on what I use to take my pictures and how I edit them. For me it was important to know what kind of situations I’ll be taking pictures of – portraits, landscapes, lifestyle, close-ups – this will all depend on what kind of lenses you purchase. In this article I will show you everything I pack in my camera bag and what I tend to use most often and for which occasion.

Travel Photography Equipment


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

This is my main camera and what I shoot everything with since winter 2018. The camera is still one of the best on the market and I absolutely love it. A lot of people think it’s too heavy for travel, but I don’t mind it or notice it at all. I take this everywhere – boats, hikes, cities and events. If you have the budget for this camera, then I’d suggest you make the investment.


Canon G7X Mark II

Up until I bought the Mark IV, this was my go-to camera. This should be your purchase if you don’t have a budget for a DSLR. It’s great for both video and photo, lightweight and even has a flip screen. What I also love about it is, that it has WiFi connection, so I can transfer photos straight to my phone for better-quality stories on the go.



Canon 50mm, f1.4

Straight after buying the camera body I also got a lens. I went for a 50mm with a low f stop, so I could have something to use in the dark Swedish winter. This is my go-to lens for portraits and low-light situations. If you’re a style blogger, this is pretty much the only thing you’ll need. It makes amazing, detailed close-ups and a lot of bokeh on the portraits.


Canon 24-70mm II, f2.8

Before our 6 month travels through Asia, I decided to invest in this lens for its versatility. I really needed something wider for my travel shots, and still have the possibility to shoot details. This lens is on my camera 90% of the time and it’s what I use most often to shoot my Instagram photos with.



DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

This is the only drone I ever owned and I have no plans in buying a new one. I am really happy with the quality of the photos and videos and like how small it folds up to be. It fits perfectly in my camera bag, along with all of its accessories.


Other cameras

GoPro HERO Session

I use my GoPro primarily only for under-water shots. It only has 2 buttons and no screen, so you need to get used to pointing it to the right direction to get a good shot. In the future I plan to invest in something better for my underwater shots, as well as housing for diving below 10m.


Instax Mini

I love taking mini polaroid photos and Instax Mini is the perfect camera for making instant memories that last forever. It doesn’t always make it in my travel photography gear basics, but I always take it on family events.



Feiyutech G5 Gimbal

Gimbal for my GoPro, which I use in bumpy situations. This one is not waterproof, but perfect for action shots on land.


Manfrotto Element Traveller Big

Fold-able, lightweight tripod, which I use for couple of shots or when I shoot on my own. I love how easy it is to unwind all the legs and would recommend this one for all you travelers who need something sturdy.


Drone Propeller Guards

At the same time when I bought my drone, I also added the propeller guards in the basket. These make flying slightly safer since they prevent the propellers to get stuck in obstacles.


Sandstrom Camera Bag

Everything you see above fits into my camera bag. The good thing about this bag is that it doesn’t look huge when I have it on my shoulders. It carries around 11kg and still looks light as a feather. PS: never had to weigh it at the airports 😉


I hope my travel photography equipment article helped you a little bit in deciding on your next travel equipment purchase. Remember though – how much money you spend on the equipment won’t reflect the originality of your shots. While the quality might be better, it’s still more important to go out and shoot as much as possible. Good luck!

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