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Wander Collection (Desktop + Mobile)

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Inside this collection:

  • 6 Lightroom Desktop Presets + 6 Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • Installation Guide for Mobile and Desktop in PDF
  • Presets that focus on a slightly faded, moody yet vibrant look
  • The presets in the pack: Delicate, Go To, Portrait, Sunset, Tropical, Voyage
  • Before and Afters with presets: click here


For the very first time, I am releasing my personal presets into the world with the “Wander Collection Desktop + Mobile Pack”.

The Desktop and Mobile Pack includes 12 completely unique looks that I have been applying to my blog and Instagram photos since 2017. These presets are the product of over 3 years of meticulously tweaking each style to help you make your photos stand out in this over-saturated market.

My travel Lightroom presets don’t require you to know everything about colours, saturation, curves or advanced settings. They are optimized to fit any photo and be able to transform your editing style in no time, regardless of editing experience.

The ‘Wander Collection’ includes 6 Lightroom Desktop + 6 Lightroom Mobile App Presets to add the perfect colours to your travel photos.

The presets in the pack:
Delicate – freshen up indoor or outdoor shots and give them a soft delicate edit.
Go to – my most used preset and my go-to on my travel blog and Instagram. Whenever I am unsure, this is what I use.
Portrait – for the close-ups and bronze looks.
– a soft sunset preset easily applied to the golden hour shots.
Tropical – perfect for those tropical photos with lots of sun, blue water and sandy beaches.
Voyage – a preset for the moody locations and conditions that will help elevate the shot.


1 review for Wander Collection (Desktop + Mobile)

  1. Emma

    I bought a few presets from big influencers, but I always end up using yours in the end. They work so well on every single image and I couldn’t recommend them more. Thanks!

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