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Spring in Korea – 15 Best Places to See Korea in Spring


Seeing spring in Korea is absolutely magical and if you have the chance to visit South Korea in spring, then take it! The cherry blossoms start to bloom, the flowers of all colors start to cover the fields and nature slowly starts waking up from its long winter sleep. Spring and fall are the two most popular seasons to visit South Korea and you might find it a little overwhelming to choose which places to visit. In this guide, you will see 15 of the best spring places in South Korea, including a handy map with the locations so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Spring in Korea – The 15 Best places to see in Korea in Spring

Seeing all the beautiful locations with spring in Korea is nearly impossible for a tourist. There is an abundance of places all over the country and its islands, so to see all of the possible places you would have to stay in Korea for 2-3 months. In this guide, I have gathered the 15 best places to see Korea in spring!

Map with all the destination points

1. Yeojwacheon Stream | 여좌천-벚꽃명소

Best time to visit: late March to April.

Best for: Cherry blossoms during the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival.

One of the most beautiful places in South Korea to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. Every April the city of Jinhae is blooming with king cherry blossoms, but the Yeojwa Stream area is by far the most beautiful (and most touristy). A top tip for spring in Korea!

2. Gyeonghwa Station | 경화역 벚꽃길

Best time to visit: late March to April.

Best for: Cherry blossoms during the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival.

The first and the second place on this list are in the same town, so don’t miss a visit to this station to see the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and stretch alongside the railroad. Be prepared for crowds and find creative angles to take the pictures from, as this is also a very popular destination.

Gyeonghwa Station

3. The Garden of Morning Calm | 아침고요수목원

Best time to visit: any time of the year. For spring come mid-April to end of May.

Best for: azaleas, cherry blossoms, and magnolias during the ‘Spring Garden Festival’.

The Garden of Morning Calm is a huge 30,000 sqm themed garden property, which is open year-round. It’s worth visiting any time of the year, but I particularly love how it looks in spring and fall. If flowers aren’t your thing entirely, then make sure to visit these privately owned gardens in winter (December to March), when they set up lots of lights in the 26 themed gardens. See more here.

4. Nami Island | 남이섬

Best time to visit: any time of the year.

Best for: blossoming trees.

This small and pretty half-moon-shaped island is nestled inside an artificial lake and is, just like The Garden of Morning Calm, the perfect destination for a day trip outside of Seoul. In Nami Island you will see beautiful rows of majestic trees, free-roaming animals, art exhibits, and more! It is truly a photographers’ paradise, so make sure you take a couple of batteries with you.

Nami Island 1

5. Oncheoncheon Stream | 온천천

Best time to visit: Late March to early April.

Best for: Cherry blossoms and yellow rapeseed flowers.

One of the prettiest places in Busan for cherry blossoms. The perfect location to spend time with your family or your loved one. If you time your visit well then you’ll manage to see both the cherry blossoms and the yellow rape flowers bloom at the same time!

Oncheoncheon Stream

6. Daejeo Ecological Park | 대저생태공원

Best time to visit: Late March to early April.

Best for: Yellow rapeseed flowers during the Nakdong Canola Festival that takes place in April.

Located along the riverbanks of Nakdonggang River, Daejeo Ecological Park is made up of various marshes and waterways. But the park is most famous for the blooming canola fields and the Nakdong Canola Festival that takes place every April.

Daejeo Ecological Park

7. Agroland Taeshin Farm | 아그로랜드 태신목장

Best time to visit: June – early July. Fall is beautiful, too.

Best for: blooming fields and family visit at the farm.

An equally fun place to visit with a family, partner, or by yourself, Agroland Taeshin Farm is a great destination to spend the day at. Not only will you be able to see the blooming fields, you can also opt for activities for the whole family, such as making ice cream and milking. In the summer you can see a beautiful cornfield here. PS: the place is very instagrammable.

Agroland Taeshin Farm
Photo by @clarissacindy

8. Yugibang Gaok, Seosan | 유기방 가옥

Best time to visit: early April.

Best for: daffodil fields.

If you’re into a sea of yellow daffodils, then this is the place to be! This place is ultra-Instagrammable and was also the shooting location of Korean drama, ‘Mr Sunshine’.

9. Camellia Hill Jeju| 카멜리아 힐

Best time to visit: all year-round.

Best for: camellia flowers. In June for pure blue hydrangeas.

As I mentioned earlier, seeing spring in Korea means a long visit to the country! And if you just so happen to be on Jeju island, there is plenty to see even there. The most noteworthy destination is, however, Camellia Hill. beautiful year-round, so if you happen to be on the island in spring, then don’t forget to visit, as it is home to 500 different species of camellia trees.

Camellia Hill jeju Island

10. Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival | 군포철쭉축제

Best time to visit: late April to May.

Best for: pink and purple azalea.

Every year, Gunpo city holds the Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival at the Royal Azalea Hill. This is a true treat for the eyes, as the hill is covered in pretty purple and pink azaleas. During this festival, there are lots of performances and visitors, so be prepared for crowds!

11. Hwangmaesan Mountain Royal Azalea Festival | 합천 황매산철쭉제

Best time to visit: late April to May.

Best for: purple azalea flowers covering the mountain.

Getting away from the city never looked so pretty! As late April comes along, Hwangmaesan Mountain Royal Azalea Festival happens and with it, the mountain gets covered with beautiful and luxurious purple azaleas.

Hwangmaesan Mountain Royal Azalea Festival

12. Cheonho-dong Rose Village | 천호동 장미마을

Best time to visit: May.

Best for: small alley with roses and murals.

This rather hidden little gem in Seoul is called Cheonho-dong Rose Village. It is essentially an alley of about 100 meters where you can look at the pretty roses in full bloom and the murals of the Little Prince.

Rose Village Seoul
Photo by @clarissacindy

13. Seoul Forest Park | 서울숲

Best time to visit: all seasons. Early April for cherry blossoms and tulip festival in May.

Best for: many sorts of flowers, cherry blossoms, and tulips.

Seoul Forest Park is a city park boasting with five parks spread over 350,000 pyeong (approximately 1.16 million ㎡) of land. It’s the perfect nature oasis in the city and is a great place to visit year-round. If you are in Korea in Spring, you will see cherry blossoms here in early April and witness a tulip festival in May.

14. Namsan Park | 남산공원

Best time to visit: early April.

Best for: cherry blossoms.

A must-visit for those spending the spring in Korea! This beautiful cherry blossom setting in Namsan Park is easy to visit and you’ll be able to snap plenty of pretty shots with the blossoms and the N Soul Tower.

Namsan park

15. Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival | 영등포 여의도 봄꽃축제

Best time to visit: April.

Best for: cherry blossoms and many other flowers.

With a beautiful backdrop of the Han River, the annual Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival aims to celebrate the blossoms of spring in all its glory. This is also one of the must-visits for spring in Korea and the city of Seoul. Here you will not only see the cherry blossoms, though but also nearly 90,000 flowers including azaleas, forsythias, and spireas. The best place to see the cherry blossoms is from the southern edge of Yeouido Park to the KBS Annex Building.


When to visit Korea for spring flowers: April to June

Spring in Korea typically lasts from April to June, with average daily temperatures of 15 – 25°C. While the temperatures in early spring might still be a little chilly, late spring will bless its visitors with sunny days and temperatures even going up to 27°C.

During Korean spring you’ll be able to attend many festivals and events, as well as see cherry blossoms and blooming fields and parks all over the country.

Spring in Korea

What to pack

Clothes and shoes

Korea in early spring is still slightly chilly, so make sure you pack accordingly. Bring a medium-thick jacket, long clothes, and make sure you layer up. Since spring in Korea can also be a little stubborn, make sure you pack an umbrella and sunglasses and carry both of them with you when you go out.

We visited Korea in May. While the temperatures in May are absolutely wonderful during the day, with up to 25°C, it did get slightly chilly in the evenings. In late spring you can dress up in your summer clothes during the day, but make sure you have a cardigan or thin coat to wear in the evenings.

Unless you plan on going out Gangnam-style (high heels), I’d suggest you bring only comfy shoes on your trip to Korea. Casual dressing is quite popular and matching a dress with trendy sneakers is totally okay and it will help you walk more comfortably all day!

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Face mask

We didn’t wear face masks during our trip to Korea (pre-pandemic), but the air quality in Seoul and other larger cities can get quite bad. Yellow dust is a big problem in spring in Korea, as well as in other seasons, so if you’re sensitive to it then make sure you wear a mask and drink plenty of water. If you forget to buy one before your trip, don’t worry, they’re being sold everywhere.

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Monday 15th of March 2021

The photos in this article are wonderful and the places you have described as well. I consider it for next year


Sunday 14th of March 2021

South Korea has always been on my list and now I know when I'd like to visit so I can see the beauty from your photos in real life


Friday 12th of March 2021

The photos in this post are next-level - stunning! I would love to have a peaceful stroll through each of these locations, especially Nami Island.


Saturday 13th of March 2021

I'm happy you like them! Some talented people out there :) Nami looks like a dream, right?! :)


Friday 12th of March 2021

Never realized spring in Korea was so full of flowers!! Namsen Park looks amazing!


Saturday 13th of March 2021

It's packed with so many different flower parks, it's so pretty!


Thursday 11th of March 2021

South Korea looks amazing and it is definitely on my bucket list. Your photos are gorgeous!