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10 Best Things to do in Entebbe, Uganda


Entebbe is most probably the starting point for your Uganda travels, but don’t rush to Kampala right after you land! There are many things to do in Entebbe and on this list you’ll find the 10 best ones. This handy guide to Entebbe in Uganda will ensure you get your trip off to a good start before you head out to Kampala or one of the many safari’s.

Best things to do in Entebbe

1. Entebbe Botanical Gardens

One of the best things to do in Entebbe is visiting the botanical gardens. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, these gardens were laid out in 1898 and include many different ecozones, including a tropical rainforest zone.

Entebbe Botanical Garden 1

I suggest paying the extra fee for a tour and you’ll find out all you need to know about the many animals and plants that reside in the gardens. The most memorable experience from here was visiting the jungle area, where the first Tarzan movie was shot.

The entrance fee is $3 per person.

The tour price is $3 per person.

2. Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the largest tropical lake in the world. It is shared between Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania and is a great place for fishing and, among some locals, swimming.

For tourists, swimming in this lake (and many others in Uganda) is not recommended, due to the risk of contracting bilharzia and hippos and crocodiles in the lake. Lake Victoria is also a high-risk region for malaria. Make sure you have taken anti-malaria tablets for your visit to Uganda and a mosquito spray to prevent being bitten.

The safest (and I think most fun) thing to do at the lake, is to relax at one of many beaches in Entebbe and watch the lake from the comfort of a lounger while listening to some good music.

3. Aero Beach

If a plane graveyard doesn’t spark your interest, then the statues of some of the world leaders will definitely make you want to check out this tourist attraction near Entebbe! The beach is easily accessible by a motorbike taxi (or a regular one for that matter) and will only take you about 10 minutes from the botanical gardens.

Aero Beach is one of the more touristy things to do in Entebbe and really worth the visit! The plane graveyard comprises basically two large planes and several smaller ones that you can explore. And if the plane graveyard isn’t enough for you, then make sure to take a few selfies with the statues of some world leaders that are scattered around the premises.

The entrance fee is $1.5. 

4. Eat a Rolex at Entebbe market

The best tip we got from our local driver was grabbing a Rolex at the Entebbe market. We had a couple more in other places in Uganda afterward, but none of them tasted as good as the one we got here!

A Ugandan Rolex is basically a wrap with an omelet, rolled inside a chapati. The omelet is fried with onions and topped with fresh tomatoes and cabbage before it’s rolled with the bread. It’s the Ugandan version of fast food and very delicious particularly here! We paid only $1 for two wraps and were super full.

5. Mabamba Swamp Tour – See the Shoebill

For a day tour departing from Entebbe, make sure you check out the Mabamba swamp. You can access the swamp via a speedboat from Entebbe and switch to the canoe to continue your journey for the shoebill bird sighting while wading through the overgrown papyrus.

Book the tour with Godfrey for only $100 for two people via WhatsApp on +256 774 623409. He was our guide during the entire trip to Uganda and can warmly recommend him.

Mabamba Swamp tour

6. Reptile Village

The Uganda reptiles village is a community-based organization and home to about 50 reptiles. Here, you’ll see everything from cobras, alligators, boomslangs, chameleons, tortoises and the most poisonous snake in Africa called the Gaboon Viper.

7. Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre or in short, the Entebbe Zoo, is a protected wildlife sanctuary, located just next to the botanical gardens. The center rescues endangered animals, educates visitors on conservation, and has many different programs and experiences for those who decide to visit. 

Find all the rates on their website here.

The entrance fee for foreign non-resident adults is $15.

8. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is home to 50 orphaned chimpanzees that were rescued from across East Africa. The island sanctuary is located on Lake Victoria and is easily reachable by a speed boat or a motorized canoe. The speedboat takes about 45 minutes from Entebbe.

Check out the day tour offers here.

Price speed boat for 2 Persons, $168 each.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

9. Fishing Villages

During your trip to Uganda, you will see many small villages have developed along Lake Victoria’s shore. The most known fishing villages to visit near Entebbe are Nakiwogo, Kigungu, Kasenyi, Bugonga, and Gerenge. I recommend consulting your accommodation or driver for the one you could do a tour in for the day you are interested in and take the excursion to meet the locals and get to know more about their cultures and lifestyles.

10. First Parliament Building in Entebbe

During the colonial period, the capital city of Uganda was Entebbe, not Kampala. And this is also where the first Ugandan Parliament and offices of the 1st colonial governor were located. It is one the most recognized buildings in Entebbe, custom-built by the colonial Victorian architect and now, despite the tourism effort, housed by the National Agricultural Research Organisation.

Uganda agriculture ministry

I hope you enjoyed this guide of the best things to do in Entebbe. Have a great time in Uganda and don’t forget to check out even more tips I have from this wonderful Pearl of Africa, here.

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