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Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Gothenburg, Sweden


I just love spring in Gothenburg – the trees and flowers start to blossom, the cafés open their outdoor serving and the days are getting longer by the minute. And while springtime is absolutely lovely everywhere in the city, the cherry blossoms definitely make the season a little more special. I’ve lived in Gothenburg since 2013 and discovered a few nice cherry blossom spots during my time here. So, now I will share them with you if you happen to be visiting Gothenburg at the end of April or the beginning of May, or if you live here, and want to see spring in full bloom!

Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Gothenburg


Undoubtedly the most popular spot for observing cherry blossoms in Gothenburg. It’s much quieter as it’s a little bit out of the city center and has the most perfect backdrop for those Instagram pictures – a pastel-colored yellow building! On a sunny day, you might see quite a few people here, so if you want to easily remove them from your photos, you can also use this trick


If you stand at the intersection between Värmlandsgatan and Andra Långgatan, you’ll get a beautiful view of the Oscar Fredrik Church, with cherry blossoms to the right. For the best image, bring a zoom lens to get both the trees and the church in the image. 

Cherry blossoms gothenburg

Gothenburg Botanical Gardens

Botaniska, or Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, hosts a Hanami picnic every April to celebrate the cherry trees bursting into bloom. Here you can see them release their koi carp into the Ornamental Pond, dance Japanese dances, and even have a go at Japanese martial arts. To fully enjoy this event, make sure you bring a picnic blanket and a hamper – and of course your camera! If you can’t make it to the Hanami picnic event, then you can just come any other day – the trees will still be there 🙂


Just by the main square at Järntorget, you’ll see a lovely small row with cherry trees and a pedestrian path in the middle. It’s the perfect spot to get some great angles of the cherry trees and the beautiful buildings and trams into your shot here.


Hop on the tram or a bus at Järntorget and get off at Berzeliigatan. You’ll find a small row of cherry blossoms even here. This street is residential and has several nice restaurants and cafés, so if you have some time sit down and relax here before you continue your hunt for the best cherry blossoms in Gothenburg.


You’ll see some lovely white cherry blossoms here, with the perfect church backdrop! The area is also quite nice for shopping, my favorite nearby are Vallgatan 12 and &Other Stories.

Söderlingska Trädgården

If you happen to wander out to Majorna, then don’t miss out on the lovely cherry blossom tree in this children’s park, as well as a small cherry blossom tree lane on Djurgårdsgatan by Willys store!

If you live in Gothenburg or happened to visit it in time for the cherry blossom season, make sure you leave a comment or message me on my Instagram with your favorite cherry blossom spot in Gothenburg and I will add it to this list!

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