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Windmill Airbnb in Öland – Sweden’s Most Charming Airbnb


Öland is Sweden’s second-largest island and one of my favorite destinations in the country. Home to an extraordinary amount of windmills, over 350 to be exact, there really only is one way to stay here in style – a unique windmill Airbnb in Öland! We spent two nights at this beautiful windmill and we would definitely come back again. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about staying in this windmill, and at the end, I will also paste the link to where you can make a booking. This post is not sponsored in any way, we paid for the stay ourselves – I just wanted to share this unique Airbnb in Sweden with everyone!

About the windmill Airbnb in Öland

The windmill Airbnb Öland has a 2-night minimum stay and is one of the cheapest, most unique Airbnb’s we’ve ever stayed at. At $67 a night and up to 4 adults, you’re definitely staying here on a budget! While 4 people or a family can comfortably stay here, we were two and loved that we had the whole windmill to ourselves.

There are four floors in the windmill. The ground floor has a kitchen, the first floor is a living room with a fridge/microwave, the second floor is a bedroom with a double bed and the fourth floor has two single beds. The floors are connected with a narrow staircase.

The windmill is tastefully decorated with plenty of vintage items and the atmosphere is super cozy both inside, and outside!

Practical information

While you have some amenities in the windmill, such as a fridge, kitchen items, and microwave, you only have access to a sink with cold water from a well. Make sure you bring drinking water with you and snacks and food that is easy to prepare. You can also fill bottles with drinking water outside the public bathrooms in the village, across the street from the store, next to the library near the church.

We didn’t plan on cooking here, but if you were to stay here longer, there are supermarkets nearby that you can buy groceries at and store in the fridge in the windmill. Every Saturday you can even pick up fresh sourdough bread from three houses down the road on the left (South) of the windmill.

The windmill Airbnb Öland doesn’t have a shower, but you can make do by going to the Borgholms Badhus, which is open for everyone and has an indoor and outdoor pool and showers. You could also take a shower by the two pools at Ottenby Vandrarhem or Allegården in Kastlösa, which are open from June to August. If you are staying for only two nights and don’t want to waste time going to those places, then wet wipes or a ‘bottle shower’ at the back of the garden might also suffice!

The windmill has an incinerating toilet, which is easy to use and much more comfortable than a regular outside loo. The only downside is that you have to go out to access it, but we didn’t spend so much time at the mill so we didn’t mind it at all. Otherwise, there are also toilets in the village by the store and library in case the toilet malfunctions.

Unique stays always come with unique perks. We are quite the city people otherwise, but we really enjoyed our stay in this Airbnb Öland, despite the shower and toilet situation being a little less comfortable.

How to get to the windmill Airbnb

Öland is an island and you’ll access it via the Öland bridge. There is no cost to drive over the bridge. Once you arrive at Öland, drive towards Ottenby. The windmill is located in a small village called Södra Möckleby, just at the end of the village. There is plenty of space to park a car by the windmill.

The booking info

You need to book this windmill quite far in advance since it’s very popular! We booked for our stay at the beginning of June, in mid-March. Because they have quite generous booking rules, some people can cancel at the last minute and you might be able to get a stay there sooner. Here is the link to the Airbnb! The link is not affiliated, but I would love it if you would share this article with your friends as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our stay in the Airbnb Öland! Let me know if you end up going there – I’d love to know what you thought of the place as well.

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Jazmin Jaramillo

Saturday 19th of June 2021

What unique quarters we got here. A windmill Airbnb!?! It’s super cute and unique. I would definitely love to check it out when I travel to Sweden. I


Saturday 19th of June 2021

Great, I'm happy you found a new inspiring place to stay! :)

Rebecca Scholes

Saturday 19th of June 2021

Oh wow I love it ? we love Sweden and would be very tempted to come back and stay here!

Ummi | Ummi Goes Where?

Friday 18th of June 2021

I love unique accommodations and actually already have 'staying in a windmill' on my bucket list. Now you're giving me an idea of where to go! Thank you.

Elle Juliette

Thursday 17th of June 2021

wow, awesome post! so unique!