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Mutanda Lake Resort – The Ultimate Gorilla Trekking Base


Tucked away in the far South-West part of Uganda, lies Lake Mutanda, a truly unique destination with arguably the best views in entire Uganda. Mutanda Lake is not only the perfect base for gorilla trekking but the best place for a range of activities including canoe tours, volcano hikes and swimming. The resort is perched on a private peninsula and nestled in the foothills of the Virunga Mountain Range. With a beautiful view of three volcanoes and direct access to Mutanda Lake, it’s a great place for swimming, water activities, day trips in the area and the perfect base for gorilla trekking.

Mutanda Lake Resort – Luxury Cottage

We spent 3 night at Mutanda Lake Resort, at their Luxury Double Cottage. The cottage boasts with beautiful decor, an open plan bathroom/bedroom and a beautiful view of Mutanda Lake, right off the private patio. When walking into your cottage you’re immediately treated with a spacious entryway with a roomy closet, space for your luggage, shoes and fresh drinking water.

Once you continue your tour inside the cottage you’ll notice a private wash closet, a shower and double sinks that view onto the bedroom, the office corner and the patio. The room is elegant, spacious and the perfect place for couples, as well as families.

We travelled around Uganda for almost two weeks and the rather poor standard of expensive lodges and resorts was actually quite surprising to us – but Mutanda Lake Resort really delivered in their standard of service, surroundings and beautiful cottages. This was the only place outside of the cities, where we had electrical outlets in the room that enabled us to charge our devices, use a hairdryer and listen to music on our portable speaker without the battery running out. While there is a power cut even at this resort, it happens with the guests in mind and the electricity here is available in the mornings, as well as afternoons – basically in the times when you need to get ready.

When the power is out during the day, you are most likely going to be outside of your room going for gorilla trekking, doing water activities on the lake or just lie on the pier, sunbathe, swim and drink some local beer while enjoying the beautiful views.

Mutanda Lake Resort 40
Mutanda Lake Resort 72
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Mutanda Lake Resort 30

Activities at Lake Mutanda

We arrived rather late on our first night at Mutanda Lake Resort and had to wake up very early for our gorilla trekking the next day. The resort is located about 1.5 hours drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, so we started our morning waking up at 5.30, had some pre-prepared breakfast and headed out towards the national park. Gorilla trekking is the most popular activity in the area and the Mutanda Lake Resort is the best place to prepare for the trek, as well as the best place to come to when you’re done.

Mutanda Lake Resort 49

As I mentioned earlier, Mutanda Lake Resort is situated just by Lake Mutanda and has direct access to once of the only places you’ll be able to swim in Uganda, as many lakes and waters have dangerous animals and/or bacteria that tourists aren’t used to. Once you’re done with gorilla trekking, make sure you order yourself a local beer and relax the rest of the afternoon!

If you have the chance, book at least two nights here and try to spend a full day at the resort. Talk to the kind staff at the reception and book on of the many activities around the lake as well, as the area is perfect for walking, hiking, cultural village tours, bird watching and more. But remember, no matter the activity you opt for – make time for a delicious lunch at the resort and relaxing at the pier – that’s an order 😉

The resort and surroundings

You’ll be amazed by the location of Mutanda Lake Resort. The drive there is a little bumpy, but the views and the resort make up for it right away! Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by friendly reception staff and a glass of fresh fruit juice. Take a walk around the area and check out the resort’s very own herb garden, the volleyball court and the pier.

My favorite highlights of our stay here were the friendly staff and owners, the incredibly delicious dinners (still dreaming of that pumpkin curry soup!) and watching the sunset on the terrace while drinking local beer.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Lake Mutanda Resort – if you want to make a booking, then get in touch with the hotel via their website and for more reviews, make sure to check out their Tripadvisor account! To view more stories from here, then have a look at my Instagram account as well.

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