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Visit the Jaw-Dropping Pericnik Waterfall in Slovenia


Pericnik Waterfall is located in the Triglav National Park in Slovenia, about an hour away from Bled. The waterfall is spectacular both in winter and summer and is protected as a natural heritage site. and while it is beautiful in both warmer and colder months, it turns into a true ice wonder during the winter. Pericnik Waterfall consists of two waterfalls as it falls down in two steps. The upper fall is 16 meters high and the lower is a 52-meter single drop waterfall. The lower part is the most beautiful one and is the one I visited during the winter.

About the waterfall

Since Pericnik waterfall consists of two waterfalls, you could visit both at the same time. But, the lower one is much more stunning! You’ll be able to also get amazing views when there and plenty of photo opportunities. Be prepared to get a little wet if you’re visiting in the warmer months.

The 52m drop is quite splashy! In winter, make sure you bring good shoes because it is very slippery from all the frozen water.

Best time to visit

If you want to see a flowing waterfall, walk behind it and experience nature when greenest – then visit between May and August. If you would like to see it in all its icy glory, then make sure you visit well into the colder months – January – early March. I visited at the beginning of January and while the ice wasn’t as layered, as usual, it was still quite a sight to see.

Visit in the morning or early afternoon for the best light and views.

Pericnik Waterfall 6

How to get to Pericnik waterfall

If you are coming from Bled on road E61 towards Kranjska Gora, take the exit at Mojstrana and turn left after the bridge over the river Bistrica. From here you’ll be able to follow the signs towards the waterfall. Before reaching the waterfall you’ll drive on a gravel road for a little over 4km when you’ll see a parking lot at the start of the path. Bring cash with you to pay for the parking if the guard is monitoring at the time of your visit.

Once you park your car you can start the steep hike towards the base of the lower, 52m high, fall of Pericnik Waterfall. The path there is well marked and not very difficult, you’ll reach it in about 10 minutes.

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Sunday 19th of January 2020

Hello. Your pictures look lovely! I was just wondering, what else did you do on the tour? You said it is 20 minutes from Bled but the site you link to says it is a 5-6 hour tour. Really tempted by it! Just wanted to find out a bit more first if possible :)


Sunday 19th of January 2020

Hi Sarah! Good question - I should have linked to it earlier, but it must have slipped my mind! I did the 7 Alpine Wonders tour with them (we adjusted it slightly since I've seen some of the things they cover). It was really nice, they are super informative and drive you everywhere so you don't need to think about anything except taking in the beautiful surroundings. Here is the link to my post about the tour:

If you want to DIY it it's also easy, maybe just a bit more time consuming since you have to find all the spots :) But on the article below I cover all my favorite things to do in Slovenia in winter.

Hope this helps! :)