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Visit the Jaw-Dropping Pericnik Waterfall in Slovenia

Pericnik Waterfall is located in the Triglav National Park in Slovenia and while it is beautiful in both warmer and colder months, it turns into a true ice wonder during the winter. The entire wall turns into an icicle spectacle, which will truly leave you speechless.

The Tour

I went here with a company based in Bled, called Altitude Activities and I couldn’t recommend them more. The entire experience was well thought through – from the start to finish. The guide was not only good at his job but also at helping me get the best angles for the memories that will truly last forever – the photos! The hike was quite easy and doesn’t require special equipment, but in the winter times be careful about icy surfaces once you reach the top!

While my tour (the 7 Alpine Wonders tour) included lots of other things around the area, if you’re tight on time and want to see something just 20 minutes from Lake Bled – then you gotta book the Pericnik Waterfall tour.

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Sunday 19th of January 2020

Hello. Your pictures look lovely! I was just wondering, what else did you do on the tour? You said it is 20 minutes from Bled but the site you link to says it is a 5-6 hour tour. Really tempted by it! Just wanted to find out a bit more first if possible :)


Sunday 19th of January 2020

Hi Sarah! Good question - I should have linked to it earlier, but it must have slipped my mind! I did the 7 Alpine Wonders tour with them (we adjusted it slightly since I've seen some of the things they cover). It was really nice, they are super informative and drive you everywhere so you don't need to think about anything except taking in the beautiful surroundings. Here is the link to my post about the tour:

If you want to DIY it it's also easy, maybe just a bit more time consuming since you have to find all the spots :) But on the article below I cover all my favorite things to do in Slovenia in winter.

Hope this helps! :)