Even though the majority of tourists flock to Slovenia during summer, you will find the country is stunning during the winter months as well. Spending winter in Slovenia is all about cozy Christmas markets, mulled wine, snow covered mountains, skiing and of course – adventure.

The great thing about winter adventure in Slovenia is that there are so many things to choose from! I wanted to make the most of my winter so going on a tour was literally the best choice ever! I didn’t need to plan anything and they showed me all the beautiful places in just one day! In this post I will cover 7 Alpine Winter Wonders I got to see with Altitude Activities, a young and aspiring company who took me off the beaten path to show me the best of what the Julian Alps have to offer.

Vrata Valley

Vrata Valley are mostly known for being the starting point for those climbing Mt. Triglav. However, it’s also the place where Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia, looks the most impressive from. From here you can see the whole North face, as well as the summit almost 2000 meters above you.

In Slovenia there is a saying that you’re not a true Slovene unless you climbed Triglav. While I only have my passport to prove my citizenship, I was incredibly happy when I saw the sun rise over the mountain tops here – definitely a great way to kick-start the tour! The viewpoint was very easy to reach, just a 5 minute walk from the parking lot.

Pericnik Waterfall

Pericnik Waterfall is one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. The 52m waterfall is located in the Vrata Valley in Triglav National Park. The waterfall is easy to access, with only a 10min walk from the parking lot. In the summer the waterfall’s unique feature is that you can walk behind it – if you don’t mind a little mist on your skin 🙂

While the waterfall is truly beautiful year-round, it turns into a true icy wonder in the winter. This makes Pericnik Waterfall a must-visit when you are in Slovenia during winter! Once the icicles have formed, you will see a whole curtain of ice. The ground surrounding the waterfall is very slippery in the winter though, so be careful when you visit.

Planica Ski Jump

Slovenia is a country that loves skiing and winter sports in general. This is why we went to see Planica, home to the worlds highest ski jumping center and many world record setting jumps. During my tour they were just getting it ready for the season and it was amazing to see where all the winter action happens!

Fun fact: Planica is also home to the steepest zip line descent in the world.

Lago Del Predil

Even though technically we now made it to Italy, this lake is widely popular to drive to when you’re in the area as it’s so close to the Slovenian border. The lake is especially beautiful in the warmer months. You’ll see a little island in the middle and the entire lake surrounded by mountains and forest. Make sure you ask the guides about the legend of the lake. I thought it was a little familiar to a well known religious book 😉

Mangart Views

Mangart is one of the highest peaks of Slovenian Julian Alps and boasts with an elevation of 2679 meters. While there is a beautiful 2 hour hiking trail available to reach even more beautiful views, we opted for parking before the trail start and take in the views from there. There is bench available on the road stop and it makes for a perfect picnic with a view!

The road leading to one of the best views of Mangart is not open year-round due to avalanches, so bear in mind that you will need to research this before you go.

Virje Waterfall

Virje Waterfall is the perfect spot for photography lovers, as well as those looking for a calm hike with plenty to see. It is easily reached by foot from the nearby parking lot in just 5 minutes. Here you will see the river Glijun fall into a 20m wide and 12m high multi-stranded waterfall.

There is a high probability you will be alone at this waterfall. If you’re interested in photography, then make sure you don’t forget your tripod!

Vrsic Pass

Vrsic Pass is known to be one of the most scenic roads in Slovenia, as well as the highest pass in the Eastern Julian Alps. The road is elevates to 1611m and twists and turns a lot. While a lot of people decide to hike hike the pass, we drove through its entirety. We opted for a sunset experience instead. The mountain peaks glowed and the sky started going darker, it was the perfect ending to the day and the tour of Slovenian Alpine Wonders.

I, Wanderlista is a blog written by Patricija, a Slovenian girl based in Sweden. Patricija is a travel writer on a mission to see every single country in the world. A marketer by trade and a traveler by heart, Patricija loves discovering new corners of the globe, photographing and sharing stories and tips for anyone wanting to get inspiration or needs help to plan the ultimate vacation.

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